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Report on “Noteworthy medical treatments in Japan”

May, 12th, 2021
Medical Excellence JAPAN

We are delighted to present our report on "Noteworthy medical treatments in Japan'' now available in Chinese (Mandarin) and Vietnamese for clients potentially considering receiving medical care in Japan. The reports were prepared through a commissioned project of Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry with the cooperation of Japan International Hospitals, Accredited Medical Travel Assistance Companies, and Japan Research Institute Limited.

This report includes:
- An overview of the characteristics of the medical system in Japan.
- Detailed information on 14 noteworthy medical examinations and treatments in cancer and cardiovascular diseases.
- Photos, illustrations, and comments from the clients.

"Noteworthy medical treatments in Japan''

Please click on the images below to download the PDF documents.

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"Noteworthy medical treatments in Japan'' project team: Kobayashi, Kurehara, Nishiyama
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