What is Medical Excellence JAPAN?

Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ) is a general incorporated association, which was established to serve as the central organizational hub to facilitate overseas expansion in the healthcare and medical care sector, based on one of Japan’s growth strategies.

MEJ is an organization that promotes international health cooperation by joint with governments, medical communities, academic organizations encompassing associations of medical sciences , and healthcare industry. MEJ also provides a business development platform in response to the needs of countries that could benefit from excellent medical technology, medical equipment, human resource development, and other healthcare services from Japan.

Name Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ)
Location Nihonbashi Life Science Building2 #804, 3-11-5 Nihonbashi-honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0023 Japan 
Tel. +81-3-6261-3971
Establishment October 2011
CEO Kenji Shibuya
Executives List of Executives (PDF) (As of May 01, 2024)
Activities and projects Management of the MEJ Forum
A range of projects to establish the foundation for the globalization of Japan’s medical services
A range of projects to help organizations globalize their medical services
Projects commissioned by governmental agencies

MEJ manages committees and the MEJ Forum. It also implements a range of projects including those seeking to establish the foundation for the globalization of Japan’s medical services and those assisting organizations in globalizing their medical services, as well as projects commissioned by governmental agencies.
Member companies List of Member Companies (PDF) (as of June 12,2024)