Philosophy of MEJ

Mission Statement

Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ) aims to contribute to the health, social welfare and economic improvement of people around the world through the provision of medical services and technologies provided through cooperation between the governments of Japan and other nations as well as these nations’ respective medical and business/industrial communities.

Contributing to Global Healthcare

MEJ aims to contribute to the development and improvement of medical services around the world through the provision of medical services and technologies appropriate for the characteristics of each individual country and region.

Contributing to Health Care in Japan

MEJ aims to contribute to the development of medical services in Japan by supporting improvements in Japan’s capacity to provide international medical services.

Contribution to Economic Development

MEJ plans to contribute to economic growth in Japan around the world by supporting the growth of medical institutions and medical-related industries.


Medical Excellence JAPAN will identify the needs of Japanese medical institutions, medical doctors, and companies as well as the needs of foreign governments, medical institutions, and patients, and will provide a platform to match their needs as an organization tasked with fostering the globalization of Japan’s medical services in line with the policies of the Japanese government.

Our Commitment to Compliance

Medical Excellence JAPAN and its members are committed to taking actions and facilitating the globalization of Japan’s excellent medical services while demonstrating a high standard of ethics and legal compliance based on the ethical rules of the organization, thereby contributing to the health and welfare of people in Japan and abroad while maintaining and improving the level of trust society places in us.