PR Activities

PR Activities

In order to increase the public recognition and understanding of Japan’s medical services, MEJ has been sharing information about the services by the following methods:

 Organization of seminars
 Participation in exhibitions held within and outside Japan
 Publication of newsletters and press releases
 Responding to media inquiries and using social media and various other media
Publicizing Japan’s Medical Services to Foreign Governments and Medical Institutions
MEJ has been publicizing Japan’s excellent medical services and medical equipment to foreign governments and medical institutions.
Publicizing Japan’s Medical Services to Patients Thinking about Receiving Treatment outside Their Own Country
MEJ has been publicizing Japan’s advanced medical technologies and the substantial support provided to medical travelers to foreign patients thinking about receiving treatment outside their own country.

Moreover, MEJ holds seminars and symposiums that enable participants to share information and knowledge about medical globalization.

Organization of Seminars on Medical Services Globalization
MEJ gives lectures and holds seminars to introduce the latest trends in medical services globalization to Japanese medical institutions that want to establish systems to accept foreign patients as well as to companies interested in providing assistance services targeting foreign patients.
Organization of Symposiums as Part of the MEJ Forum Activities
MEJ manages the MEJ Forum to provide medical institutions interested in medical services globalization with opportunities to interact and exchange information. As part of the MEJ Forum activities, MEJ holds symposiums to allow participating medical institutions to share knowledge and expertise regarding medical globalization.