To promote the internationalization of medicine and healthcare through partnership and collaboration between industry, government, academia, and civil society.
We envision a future where medicine and healthcare from Japan drive global innovation and become a major Japanese industry.

Reclaiming the healthcare industry

Global health is an incredibly popular field of study at Harvard University. This popularity stems not only from healthcare role in driving innovation and its high demand worldwide, but also from its invaluable service of saving lives, which attracts many talented students.

The world's major industries, including IT, semiconductors, and bio-health tech, are undergoing significant transformations. Amid this structural shift, there is a concern that Japan may be falling behind. I firmly believe, however, that healthcare can evolve beyond a public service to become a new pillar of the Japanese economy and a potent export industry.

However, the healthcare sector is often perceived as a drag on the economy. Constrained public healthcare spending leads to stagnation in innovation and the departure of healthcare professionals, posing a significant challenge. It is time to reconsider viewing healthcare only as a public service and start recognizing its potential as a robust industry.

Instead of clinging to outdated systems, we are called to explore new models of healthcare delivery which build on the trust and principles of public capitalism we have cultivated over the years. Our mission extends beyond providing healthcare; we aim to design a better society.

As The Economist highlights, Japan's high level of trust in ASEAN countries stems from years of equal and peaceful relations. This trust is an essential element for international cooperation in various fields, including healthcare, and services as the foundation for "human security."

The relationships we have cultivated are not only diplomatic achievements but also a robust foundation for cooperation in addressing today's global challenges. Particularly in the healthcare sector, this established trust fosters international partnerships and is key to paving the way for sustainable development.

MEJ is at the forefront of driving growth and international expansion in the healthcare industry for this new era. We are committed to accelerate the next dimension of Japan's outbound and inbound healthcare services.

We must come together to transform healthcare into Japan's new flagship offering, striving to position ourselves as global leaders in the field. We sincerely look forward to your support and cooperation.

Kenji Shibuya Chief Executive Officer, MEJ