Medical Travel Forum (MTF)

Medical Travel Forum (MTF)

MEJ is launching the Medical Travel Forum (MTF). MTF will initiate the collaborations between medical institutions and medical travel assistance companies and the internationalizations of the Japanese medical/healthcare industry to provide safe and secure medical travels to Japan.

April 20, 2021
Medical Excellence JAPAN (MEJ)

About MEJ and medical travels

MEJ works together with the Japanese government to conduct activities for the promotion of medical travel to Japan.

More specifically, MEJ is engaged in the followings:

  • Arranging a system for accepting medical travelers and foreign patients to Japan based on the government guidelines
  • Certification of JIH (Japan International Hospitals)
  • Certification of AMTAC (Accredited Medical Travel Assistance Companies)
  • Sharing of inbound case examples with domestic medical institutions and operators
  • Promotion of the Japanese medical system and the industry
  • Participation in overseas medical travel exhibitions together with medical institutions and medical travel assistance companies
  • Research to define the strength and the characteristics of medicine in Japan

Through the activities of the MTF, we hope to provide safer and secure medical travels for international patients visiting Japan and to contribute to the development of medical travels and the internationalization of the medical industry in Japan.


The purpose of our activity is to promote the sound development of medical inbound services in Japan. Accordingly, we have set the following basic policies

  • The MTF will host opportunities for medical travel assistance companies to collaborate with medical institutions.
  • The MTF will promote medical travels by protecting medical travelers and assisting hospitals with appropriate acceptations of foreign patients.


To achieve the aforementioned purposes, MEJ will implement following activities related to medical travels.

  1. Setting Compliance Guidelines for travel agencies
  2. Reviewing issues and obstacles related to the improvement of the quality of services provided by medical travel assistance companies
  3. Making proposals and suggestions for better medical inbound environments
  4. Collaborating with both domestic and overseas medical institutions and agencies
  5. Conducting research concerning medical inbound services
  6. Participating in activities on the MEJ medical collaboration platform
  7. Implementing study groups and meetings associated with the above matters

Code of Conduct (Compliance Guidelines)

Members of the MTF and comply with the following Code of Conduct.

  1. Members shall observe laws and regulations related to medical travel and shall be subject to the principle of good faith.
  2. Members shall protect the human rights and personal information of medical travelers as well as their assets.
  3. Members shall know and understand the policies of medical institutions accepting foreign patients as well as the policy and the public interest of local governments and medical circle the hospital is located in.
  4. Members shall ensure compliance with ethical standards, transparency, and project continuity, and they shall work to provide secure, safe, and high-quality assistance services.
  5. Members shall observe the code of conduct based on the separately established compliance guidelines in light of 1 through 4 above.

Medical Travel Forum (MTF) Compliance Guidelines

Member List