MEJ Forum

MEJ Forum

MEJ launched the MEJ Forum composed of medical institutions, medical associations and societies interested in medical globalization. MEJ provides MEJ Forum members with opportunities to engage in mutual exchange and share knowledge and expertise.

Members of the Forum can work on medical services globalization by overcoming a range of issues through mutual cooperation: even those issues that they might hesitate to tackle independently. The Forum contributes to improving the quality of public health and medical services by helping a range of Japanese medical institutions give support to and cooperate with countries around the world concerning both outbound and inbound policies.

Statement of the Purpose of Establishment

Concerning medical institutions, doctors and companies that are pursuing international business expansion, for matters that exceed the capability of single organization, MEJ works in cooperation with the Japanese government to provide support from various aspects. For outbound medicine, which seeks to improve the quality of medical care in the partner country, MEJ works closely with the partner country government and medical institutions to create opportunities for market entrance, and offers a platform that facilitates the establishment and operation of Japanese medical service facilities and the cultivation of local medical HR resources.

Also, regarding patients for which local medical treatment is difficult, we will connect them with the Japanese medical institutions that accept inbound medical travelers. Achieving this positive cycle will accelerate the international expansion of Japanese medicine.

In order to promote international medical cooperation on a rapid and sustainable basis, the cooperation and support of the Japanese medical community is necessary. Accordingly, professionals from the medical community with an interest in the international expansion of Japanese medicine serve as members. With the aim of improving the members' knowledge and experience sharing, achieving mutual exchange and interaction, and supporting and promoting outbound and inbound medical services through cooperation between the government and industry, the MEJ Forum was established.

June 23rd, 2015
Medical Excellence JAPAN

Activities of the Forum

  • Share knowledge and expertise about medical globalization projects and hold meetings for Forum members to exchange and share information.
  • Organize programs for MEJ member companies and MEJ Forum members to share information related to medical globalization.
  • Give support to the medical globalization projects backed/implemented by MEJ Forum members.

Providing Various Information to Forum Members

  • Organize symposiums with the participation of related governmental agencies and MEJ Forum members.
  • Hold meetings to exchange opinions with representatives of the Japanese government.
  • Organize meetings between governmental officials visiting Japan from overseas and MEJ Forum members.
  • Organize events jointly with governmental agencies, international organizations, etc.
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Organization of the MEJ Forum