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[UPDATE]【COVID-19: Current Japanese Border Measures】Latest Information of relevant ministries

June 20, 2022
Update: July 28, 2022
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【Update Information】
COVID-19: Current Japanese Border Measures (as of 28 July. 2022) is uploaded

Due to the impact of COVID-19, Japan's entry restrictions have been enforced and reviewed up to now, however, a new "Review on restrictions on new entry of foreign nations" came into effect on 10 Jun. 2022, allowing new entries for short-term stays for tourism purposes (limited to cases where a travel agent is responsible for receiving the visitor). It is expected that further deregulation would be lead to a recovery in medical travel to Japan as well.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare have published information on " Current Japanese Border Measures ", on their websites, however, as there is a wide range of information and not easily to reach and obtain the necessary information, therefore, MEJ will pick up the necessary information and post it on MEJ website timely from now on.

The PDF below summarizes the latest information (as of 28 July. 2022) on ' Current Japanese Border Measures ' published by the each ministries. We hope you will find it very useful.

◆COVID-19: Current Japanese Border Measures (as of 28 July. 2022) ◆

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